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My rose



flower-2881585__340By Xulia,


I’m sick of being a butterfly

from flower to flower, to give it a go

sipping on pollen, not thirsty enough.


And I admit them flowers are pretty

But their nectar is not addictive.

That’s why I never stay for too long.


Cause I don’t wanna force love

I just wanna find my rose


The one I’d feel passion for

And he’d give me the purest pleasure

when he embraces me with his petals.


Just the way I breath in inside a rose to inhale its fragance

so pleasurable sensations he’d bring to my mind.

He would have a lovely face, so nice to look at

It would make me feel desire just with a glance.


Cause there are many flowers which are pleasant to the eye

They are nice to contemplate, but I don’t feel appetite…




I guess it’s just that I haven’t found my type

I aspire to the most intense emotion

an indescribable magnetic attraction.


I cannot ignore my intuition

I should let my body make the decision

Cause I want the highest tension

I want the very best flavour


I don’t want a blue prince

cause I know they don’t exist


I only want to fulfil my needs

I just want a gorgeous rose I can’t resist.


This doesn’t mean you’re not good enough for me

I know I have many reasons to stay

But I choose to love with the heart, not the brain.


And I just don’t feel the magic sparks that I need.

Maybe it was Cupid didn’t play any of his tricks.

It’s not your fault if the magic isn’t there

The natural chemicals of attraction can’t be explained




Call me superficial, call me what you like

it’s true that I might fall in love with faces

But I’m also seduced by a sensitive mind

It’s the mix of both what  fills up my senses


Would I ever find my rose?

Would that boy be my rose?

If he is I just will know

Will I end up all alone?

You can say my expectation’s are too high

That I am going to end up alone in life,

Yes, being too  demanding can lead me to this

But I would  rather be brave and take the risk,

Cause I’m not gonna give another tasteless  kiss


Anyway, if I end up lonely with 60 cats, I wilI keep

fantasizing with my angel of lust in my dreams.


















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